Signing up to Clinician Reported Data

As a clinician supporting a patient affected by Niemann-Pick disease your input to the INPDR is essential.

Through the work you do, we can ensure the data we collect is of an excellent standard making the INPDR a ground-breaking global resource and contribute to improving the lives of the Niemann-Pick Disease community

We know that in the field of rare diseases and specifically Niemann-Pick Disease, there are clinicians and healthcare providers with unique insight and a determined commitment to improving their patients’ lives.

Clinician Reported Data is an essential part of the INPDR and coupled with Patient Reported Data the Registry can have a meaningful impact on understanding Niemann-Pick Disease, improving research and standards of care.

The joining process is simple and once you have access, you can use the website to log in, enter data, access support and contact us: